Monday, June 20, 2011

I think I'm bleeding peanut butter...or you could have just eaten a reese cup.

After 23 hours of traveling from Indy to Phoenix to Anchorage, I was tired but happy as Ryan, Anne, and Jason welcomed me to Alaska. As soon as we pulled out from the airport, the snow-capped mountains were visible. I still can't get over the view every time I walk out our front door and see the mountains in the distance. It's breath taking!

A few of the beautiful girls I'm living with this summer!

I'm living in an office complex with 11 other interns. We live right next door to the church, which is a convenient 30 second walk away. The interns I'm working with are absolutely wonderful and extremely encouraging. The summer is based on developing redemptive relationships, which means that we are to go out into the community and develop friendships with the people we work with and meet. This was really hard for me the first few days in Anchorage, because I felt like I didn't really have a purpose..I was ready to jump in and start projects and helping people. However, as the week went on the Lord assured me that He does have plans for me this summer...actually He overwhelmed me with the plans He has.

Yes, we do have a shower! (Amy, this is to put Grammy's mind at ease).

The Lord has shown me lots of different places I can work and love on His children this many I'm not sure exactly where to begin (don't worry as the summer goes on I'll post updates!) A few interns and I were walking downtown a few days ago and passed a mission in town that works with at risk youth and teens. I walked in and was able to talk to three different directors! The pastor at our church also met with me and a couple other girls to discuss starting a trailer park ministry, focusing on providing games and food for kids in the trailer park. We'll be going to visit the families there and seeing how much interest there might be early this week, so please be praying for the families and children we'll be working with!

In my devotions last week a theme kept standing out to me: The measure of salvation isn't how much time we spend doing tasks or serving (what we so often make our Christian lives about), but about the time we spend abiding in Him. We are to seek out the Lord everyday as our first priority. In a book I'm reading, the author talks about how his mother in-law spends two hours by her bed every morning alone with the Lord, and just thinking about that time alone with Him during the day makes her tear up with love and anticipation of the next morning. Wow, how I long for a relationship with the Lord where I can't wait to spend long periods of time with Him!

We went to the mudflats Friday was 10:30 and still light! And check out those mountains in the background!
Samat and Ryan built a great fire on the beach.
This was from the farmer's market downtown that goes on every weekend over the summer. Jason was chosen as an extra in the magician's show...he was perfect for the job!