Monday, September 24, 2012

A Day Off

Well, it has been a very long time since I've posted anything here. However, after making lots of changes over the past year and not wanting to forget any of these experiences, I have decided to keep a 'virtual scrapbook' or 'diary' if you will, that I can look back on in years to come. And hopefully this will be a better attempt to stay in touch with my dear friends who I do not contact often enough....I truly do love and think about you often even if it has been months since we've talked!

I movd back to Marion a little over a week ago and I can honostly say things have been very busy since then! I had originally planned to stay in Anchorage as long as possible to spend time with friends and co-workers I knew I would not be able to see for a very long time. What I did not consider was that I would need a few days to adjust to a new time zone and get settled into my new home before classes and work started. The result:

Yes, I have been working and learning here for about 10 days now and I have yet to finish unpacking my boxes. Whenever I do get a free minute from reading (the amount of reading in grad school is insane!) or working I have been spending my time either catching my breath or visiting with old friends. I think those things are important enough to put off a little unpacking for.... but not too much longer. Despite being terribly unorganized most of the time I am ready to walk into a room that has everything in its place with no extra work needed!

On Saturday I took a short study break and biked across the street to Goodwill. I was hoping to find some fabric for curtains and came across a few other treasures while I was there! The only downfall to not having a car is that not everything fits so nicely on my back!

The shelf tied nicely to the top of my backpack, although it made for a wide load!
I'm off to study...but be looking for later posts about my adventures in Alaska! I have some great photos from when my good friend Linda came to visit and we tried our hand at cross country skiing!