Friday, January 25, 2013

Sweet Creations

My first week of Christmas break this December consisted of eating, watching netflix, and making Christmas presents. I had been looking forward to Christmas break so much, mostly because I was going to be able to bake, sew, and crochet all of the things I been adding to my list of things to do for the previous 4 months. I was so excited!


Unfortunately, I developed a serious sickness after my first week off. I became sick at the thought of crafting.

 I spent so many hours (only sleeping a few each night) working on my first few Christmas presents of the season that I literally became nauseous at even the thought of making or baking anything. My stomach churned when I opened a gift from my parents on Christmas morning....a package full of yarn and fabric scissors and everything lovely....that is, lovely before the craft sickness attacked!
I was afraid to admit that I might have lost a passion for something I dearly enjoyed doing all because I had over-indulged in a short amount of time. Luckily, after a few weeks off I am fully recovered. And even though I suffered for a little while afterward, the results of those few days work makes me very happy. :)
* Also, I bought a book to make the gift tags at The Unorganized Bookstore down the street. The owner told me if I took a photo of the tags to hang up in the store, he would give me a free book the next time I came in! What a blessing!!! :)

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Pray for Caleb!

A sweet family from my hometown needs prayers! Please lift them up and have your friends/family/ anyone you know cry out to the Lord for this family as well.


Their adorable little boy is on a waiting list to receive a heart, and with each day that passes he's getting sicker. Please pray that little Caleb gets a heart soon, for strength for his momma and poppa and all the people in his life that love him and are waiting for him to get better as well, and for all the people following this family's story and witnessing the amazing trust this family has in God as they continue to love and trust Him through this time.

You can read updates about Caleb at