Monday, July 18, 2011

The Kingdom of God is SO Big!

Oh how God is working in amazing ways in Anchorage! First, I want to update you on the kids club we've been holding in a nearby trailer park. The community we've been reaching out to is Southwood Manner. Twice a week for an hour and a half we provide snacks and games for 10-30 kids. We've gotten to know our group of 'regulares' really well, and the kids are always excited for us to come back. We're praying and talking about ways to stay involved in the community at Southwood this Winter and Fall, so you can all be praying too that as we seek God's plans for the community He provides us with opportunities and openings to reach out not only to the kids but the adults as well. One of the things we're hoping to start is a tutoring program in the Fall that would not only help the kids with homework (and continue developing relationships with the kids from our summer club) but also share stories about Jesus with them...our ultimate goal. :) I am so excited for the things God has in store for the trailer park community, and so blessed to be part of sharing His kingdom there.
God has been doing lots of things in the lives of His followers here too! Every Thursday from 7-10pm , one of our leaders opens up a section of the church and designates time for prayer and solitude alone with God. After a busy week of constantly being surrounded and pouring into others, it is so great to sit in the presence of God and just completely rest in Him. Last Thursday at prayer night we got the opportunity to pray for healing over one of the guys in our was awesome! I've never prayed over someone like that before, and it was so cool to see the body of Christ fervently praying for a another member to be restored from spiritual burdens. Last night we went to our friend Alana's house to pray for three different young women who are leaving for long and short term missions trips in the next week. It was so exciting to participate in lifting up and sending out disciples who are eager to spread God's word all over the world.  After lifting them up in prayer we worshiped God through song for the rest of the night. I can't explain how encouraging it is to be surrounded by so many people who are earnestly pursuing the Lord. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such a great community of Christians here. More to come soon!!

Right before my first hike; Rabbit Lake Trail

We camped right beside this beautiful lake that reflected the mountains.

Our campsite

We went to Seward to celebrate the 4th of July and hiked up Exit Glacier. This is the view from 2.5 miles up..where there was snow on the ground and it was still warm!

It was just dark enough to light up the sky with fireworks at midnight before the 4th.

Mount Marathon, a crazy trail race up this mountain, is held in Seward every year on the fourth. Runners scramble up the mountain and race back down as fast as they can. This is only a race for either the very talented or slightly was crazy to watch athletes come down covered in rock and mud.

Last Friday we hiked up Little O'Malley. This is the view of the mountains on a beautifully clear day!

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