Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weekend Getaway

Andrea Bocelli. While I was waiting on friends at Starbucks last night, one of his albums was playing through-out the store. It made my day to hear him unexpectedly in public. Oh the little things!

The sound is a little shaky, but I think it portrays just a little
of how truly talented this man is!
Last summer, when I was still living in Alaska, I came home to visit my family for a week and passed a billboard with Andrea's face on it, announcing that he would be performing in Chicago the following Winter! At that point, I was still waiting to hear back from the graduate school I had applied to on my acceptance status, but decided that if I was accepted into the program that Fall I would reward myself with tickets to see Andrea Bocelli around finals time.

Lucky for me, it all worked out! One of my very closest friends ventured with me to Chicago for a girls weekend, where we enjoyed the unseasonly warm weather wandering down the Magnificant Mile, ejoying the free light show at Lincoln Park Zoo, and staying in this cute little hostel!

It was the perfect weekend of catching up with my dear friend (who is getting married in just 3 months!! So exciting!), spending a little time away from books while enjoying the city, and ending the weekend listening and witnessing the voice of an angel!
The man sitting next to us shouted over and over at the end of the show 'Bravo, Bravo.' My thoughts exactly!

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