Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Coffee Night

I love Tuesdays! It's my one night of the week when I am done with work and class by 5 and can get caught up on homework, eat a real dinner, and even catch up on some Downton Abbey (okay...I spend a lot of days catching up on Downton, but it's just so good I can't seem to shut it off!). Tuesday really has become my peace amongst a rather chaotic remainder of the week.

I met up with a few friends at Starbucks last night after class but wanted to finish a project I been cooking up beforehand.

 I found this adorable little fox stamp on etsy, and wanted to use it in a gift for my friend Katherine, who loves foxes. After searching the web for a little inspiration, I decided a sweet little stationary pack would make the perfect homemade gift with my new stamp.

I used three different colors of ink and stamped four cards in each color, tying them together with a dainty ribbon to finish. This project only took about 10 minutes, including writing a little personal note to attach to the stack. It was simple, but a personalized and unique little gift.
Visiting with Katherine and Josh was a great way to spend the relaxed evening. We did a lot of laughing and story telling, leaving me excited and anticipating doing it all over again soon!

I may not have accomplished all the things on my to do list last night (such as reading for this afternoon's class) but as Scarlett O'hara says, 'I'll think about it tomorrow.' Which I today. :)

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Wesley Oksanen said...

Aww looks like you have so much fun! I love how coffee place a huge part in your life. It does in mine too! I miss starbucks so much over here in Finland!